To new beginnings!

Iron Man build. Copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes 2016.

So here it is, our new blog site. The place to keep up to date with what we’re doing, what we’re making, and the outrageous ideas we’re thinking!

What’s going on today behind the scenes at BFC?

Well, it looks something like this. Imagine if you will, a tree’s worth of paper, and copious amounts of blue coloured foam. The idea? Well Mr. Bespoke has decided to make a second custom-build Batman costume using the foam method. The catch? In true uniqueness of Mr. Bespoke, he has decided to do this, with only a one week timeframe! Cue buying supplies yesterday, to starting the foam cutting today.

The blog is going follow his progress, as builds made from foam, compared to paper / fibreglass take different times, different building techniques and result in different finishes. The benefits to the foam builds are usually that it takes less time to build, and these types of builds are comparable a ‘cheaper’ option to the client.

If Mr. Bespoke let’s me anywhere near him with the camera, we will do a follow up series in the blog of the difference between the different builds and finishes available through Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Expect to hear in the distance a lot of mumbling, possibly an explicative or two, as the deadline draws near. Fingers, toes, everything crossed that no one sees a s.o.s flag made from foam this week appear on this site….

From the breath-holding Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team!


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