Latex – let’s get shiny!

We’re still here to keep you updated on the foam build challenge…

Now, there’s something else being thrown into the mix, latex!

Latex in it’s natural form is rubber. Rubber is naturally found in rubber trees, from South East Asia and Africa. Incisions used to be made into the rubber trees, to let the fluid called latex flow out. Once this is collected, the water can be removed, and latex with the water removed is then rubber.

Today, as well as natural latex and rubber, there are around 20 different types of synthetic rubber.

What makes rubber and latex so desirable to use? Well that depends on the use, but it’s benefits include being water resistant, long-lasting, and resilient. It can also be non-slip and hear resistant too.

So, why is latex important in this build? Because Mr.Bespoke is wanting to increase the shelf-life of the foam build. Foam builds by nature are less durable than the fibre glass counterparts. By adding the latex, we can hopefully increase the usage, and protect somewhat the foam. It will help to give the foam the shiny, almost reflective look needed to look like the movie counterpart.

Foam in nature, will want to absorb moisture, and the latex will also act to stop this, to stop the costume retaining water and warping in shape.

Looking forward to seeing the next progress pics!

The Bespoke team.


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