Battle worn Batman TDK

So, Batman has taken a change of direction today. Perhaps he has had too much sun, or maybe he’s finally met a good match…

But for now, our foam build Batman has now discovered a battle worn look. One can imagine the chinking of metal, arch enemies flying through the air, the grit, the dirt, the real fight. Bullets flying, bombs exploding, our Batman build is certainly not the squeaky image some might expect. Then again, when was Batman ever a squeaky clean kind of guy?


In other news, you may be wondering why tweets have appeared on the Facebook page etc. Well, fingers crossed, everything is now linked due to geeky tech skills behind the scenes. The website now has links to everywhere you can find us, a contact page, social media page, and at the bottom of each web page, direct links for you to share on your social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are now linked to our blog, and will get automatically updated (fingers crossed!). Facebook now updates Twitter, and vice versa.

If you want to stay updated with the blog, you can also subscribe to get e-mails whenever we post something new, by clicking the follow button on the site.

Looking forward to seeing your comments on the darker side of Batman developing.

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.


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