The finer details..

A costume, a character is not just about wearing something that ‘resembles’ the true game or film original.

Almost anyone can do that. Spiderman wears red and blue, so we put on a red and blue lycra bodysuit, and we look exactly like him… right? Batman is just all black with a cape and mask, how hard is that to make ourselves or buy on the high street?

True, there is a wide range available out there. Unfortunately this also includes those that have lost the finer details through mass-production techniques or the level of attention to each detail paid at each step of the production process.

Today’s update on the challenge piece helps to reflect this ideal. Mr.Bespoke has been working away on the Batman mask over the weekend. The process has been adjusting the chin size, and making a surface primer as I would call it for the latex-ing stage. The chin size was there, but to the movie original our chin size was looking slightly too large, making the nose look in proportion smaller to the chin.

Leaving it was not an option for us, because looking like the character is not just enough. We love every client to feel like the character, to feel good wearing the costume, knowing how good it feels to wear one of our completed pieces. Some might say well it still looked like Batman, but it still had to change. So Mr.Bespoke has spent time adjusting the chin, and as you will see in the images, has made a difference to the production shape.

Next, was onto the surface primer. The last images we uploaded showed the joins of all the individual pieces we had used, whilst we had been building by hand. Whilst it was good to show everyone how we work, you don’t want that look in the final piece. If we had put paint or latex straight over this, it would have sunk into the cracks, still holding the shape of the previous build images.

So, Mr.Bespoke has now prepared the surface, smoothing out all the join lines and bumps that hand-made items bring. Now, the latex won’t have anywhere to sink, and the mask looks like one uniformed piece. Again, just like the other steps of the build, this has been done by hand, all by Mr.Bespoke himself.

As this step has been done by hand, whilst the joins have disappeared, the mask has kept the 3d details that will make it movie like once finished. Details such as the eyebrows, the point running down the noise, the chiselled in effect of the face. It’s all still there, and that’s because we look after the details at every step.

When you commission us for any piece, Mr.Bespoke is behind every design and production step, whether it’s a full suit, or just a piece.

That’s the end of our Sunday update, let us know what you think about the progress!

Bespoke Fantasy Costume team.


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