Chinks in the armour

The sun has been out shining (finally!) in England, and so this gives us a better opportunity to get the build underway.

Following on from the decision to make Batman look battle worn, we posted some updates on Twitter and Facebook of Mr.Bespoke wearing the mask, as in these two images …..

Now the main chest and body pieces are starting to take the same worn effect too :

It’s at this stage of the build, where client’s can take control of their preferences. From the colour, to the finish, to additional extras to complete the character look. We will work with you, the client, every step of the way. If you are having a full body suit costume made to order, we will communicate with you throughout the build progress. When the build is finished you have the option of either having the costume courier delivered to you, or we can arrange for a final fitting in person.

Any character ideas, please feel free to contact us, either through the website, or through our Facebook or Twitter . You can also e-mail :, or follow us on Instagram and Flickr .

Cheerio for now,

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.


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