There’s a Harley Quinn in all of us.

If you’ve not caught it already, here’s a trailor for Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie, out now – Harley Quinn on YouTube

But what makes Harley Quinn, and how do we pull the look off?

Let’s start with the basics, who she is, and why she ended up tangled in the Batman saga. Harley’s full name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. Before the villain stance, she was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum. There, she meets the Joker. She wants to help him. That’s where the good girl starts to crumble.

She falls in love with the Joker, and helps him to escape. That begins their rocky relationship, because love makes you do crazy things. When the Joker, in true ‘Cave-man’ bloke style realises he actually loves her, he sets her off on a rocket. Because, quite clearly, roses weren’t enough…

Harley gets found by Poison Ivy (More on Poison Ivy to come soon, we promise!) and gets injected with toxins to make her stronger, faster and immune to many things that as nice girl Harleen, she was not. In today’s terms, she took a break, got comfort from a female friend, and bounced back, better than ever.

The first time her background was explained in a comic was in 1994, 22 years ago. Since then, she has been in comics, cartoons and films. Flickering between her on/off relationship with the Joker, trying to kill Batman, being part of the Suicide Squad, being friends with both Poison Ivy, and even Cat woman at one point.

It’s easy to see how a jaded love, confused family background, and being involved with other superheroes has made her into a bad ass character today.

So how to complete the look?

PROP264First, her bat. We are selling these inflatable versions for £5 each (+p&p where applicable). Look hard like Harley, but still be a softie!

We are also taking bespoke orders now for the Harley Quinn outfits to be customised to your requirements. However, if you are in need of a costume, just for one night urgently, we also have two versions of the Harley Quinn fancy dress ready to hire –

If you would like to hire either costume, please do get in touch via e-mail to We also look forward to discussing your requirements for custom-made designs.

Hair – for the hair, we have UV hair and body sprays. Perfect for your night out dressed up, as the colour will shine through, even in the dark when you’re near UV lights! Available in all colours. At £3.50 each, with free p&p on this item to the U.K, it will certainly turn heads!

Lastly, but not least important, bring the attitude! Harley is fun, but also tough! She dresses cute in her latest role, but appearances can be deceiving. Not one to no longer let Joker or Batman give her the run around, she’s one to watch out for.

Just think, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! and you’ll be right on track!

Please do get in touch with your custom Harley Quinn costume ideas. There is still time for Mr.Bespoke to make them before the Christmas and Halloween events this year!

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.


4 thoughts on “There’s a Harley Quinn in all of us.

  1. Sweeeet! What a cool article! I bet Harley is going to be a huge costume choice this Halloween! Have you had your writing featured on any other sites? It’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi mikefelckcreator, thanks for the comment! We are thinking that Harley is going to be very popular this year too, especially with the updated costume design. Not had our writing featured anywhere else, if you liked this article then you might like the fanfiction pieces we did – and .


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