Every dial and turn…

Following on from our post The finer details , we are taking another look at what goes into each and every build.

Here at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, we don’t do things by half measures. Every detail is brought out and given the same attention. This results in finely detailed custom-made builds. Costumes that reflect quality and movie likeness. Hours and weeks of work go into completing each build like this.

^9E2558596B0DECBCAE020F81DBB05B07B5CC14D1A49D8C2BC4^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe image above shows just one part of one of our builds. This started life as a design, and our design process means that the design can be altered for every size requirement. Here every line represents a fold, and a join. Mr.Bespoke has meticulously put together each piece to make this one piece, including the 3d detail you can see to the centre of the image.

That’s the quality start you can expect with every order. This piece will go through many stages before even being ready for the customer. From here, this piece needed fibre-glassing, and will then have layers of paint applied. Finally the smaller details will be hand-painted on, to give an authentic look.

The result is a strong, hard-wearing piece of a build, that will fit the customer exactly. It will be water resistant, and won’t tear. This will last beyond one party, but is an investment piece in the making.

Detail can also be seen in the image below. This is at the start of a build, with hundreds of pieces making up each build and piece. Before being painted and the detail added, you can see the helmet has been worked on for hours. Numbers being matched up, as per the computer designs to make your 3d build.

If you would like to discuss any costume requirements, please do get in touch. Male, female, child or adult, we can work with all ideas. We offer a bespoke fitting service for after the costume is complete, and we can now also offer a pre-build measurement service for those locally. This is ideal for those who are not sure how to measure accurately before the build begins, to ensure the right fit.

We have male and female members of our team that can complete the prior fitting service, to ensure our clients are comfortable at all times. During this time, we can also talk through the design specifics face to face, and your exact requirements. The cost for this one to one prior build service is just £25.

For all enquiries, please do get in touch via this site, or through e-mail to bespokefantasycostumes2016@outlook.com .

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

Storm trooper – Star Wars build. Showing the detail – Copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, 2016.

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