Throw down the gauntlet

Let’s take a closer look at the work Mr.Bespoke has put into one of the gauntlets…

This is just one part of the Batman TDK battle worn custom design. The detail put into the piece, means that it is not just a 2D wrap-around for the lower arm.

Where Mr.Bespoke could have simply used a design to mark out the detail, he has instead build up the gauntlet. Every square, each detail is now raised or lowered into the design. This helps to make it closer in movie likeness.

The gauntlets have been hand-made, and have been hand painted with latex. This has made the gauntlets water resistant, and stronger. The gauntlet can not be easily ripped, whilst the latex helps it to spring back into shape again.

Finally, the design to complete the battle worn look has been hand painted on, layer by layer. This helps to make sure the gauntlet matches the rest of the costume design, and is just another way that attention is paid to details in each and every build.

Why not let us know what you think about the gauntlets, and the rest of our builds too? You can contact us on here, or through our  Facebook page , Twitter , Pinterest , or by e-mail to .

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

PicMonkey Image
Gauntlet detail – from the Batman TDK battle worn custom-made build. Build and photographs by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, 2016.

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