Countdown to Starwars-mas

Today, is 16 weeks until Christmas day. (And yes, we can announce it, because apparently the big retailers already have. Not to mention the copious amount of Christmas emails working their way through, skipping the junk box…)

Perhaps, however, it should be re-named Starwars-mas, because it looks like this year Star Wars will be even more popular as a Christmas treat.

The big retailers have announced their Christmas toy predictions for 2016, with Argos, Toys R Us, Lego and The Entertainer, all having one thing in common. Each of these big four names have managed to sneak Star Wars into their top Christmas lists.

Argos has Star Wars coming in at number 5, with it’s prediction of a remote controlled BB8.

Toys r us ranks Star Wars at number 8, with the Star Wars Ultimate Force FX Klyo Ren Lightsabre.

Lego has ranked Star Wars higher, at number two, with it’s Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium build.

The Entertainer seems to also agree with Lego, by again putting Star Wars at number two, with a Star Wars The Force Awakens millennium falcon.

Want to see the full lists, from all the big retailers? Then simply click on this link to the Made for Mums website –

Christmas predictions by the retailers – On Made for mums.

But the Christmas fun for Star Wars doesn’t stop there! We are now 15 weeks away from the U.K release of Rogue One : A Star Wars Story. Due to be released in the U.K on 16th December 2016, it’s bound to get all Star Wars fans alike back in touch with their dark side. Last year it was already predicted to be one of the biggest films to watch out for in 2016, and it falls just before Christmas, as fingers crossed an early presents for the fans.

So whilst the Starwars-mas tension is building, we are still building our custom designs, including the Storm Trooper. We are still taking orders as well, for both Halloween and Christmas delivery. Why not move away from the Christmas predictions, and make it a bespoke costume order that gets Star Wars underneath the tree this year! Whether it’s the classic helmet, a full costume build, or a custom design you have in mind, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Here you can see Mr.Bespoke’s work in progress on a Storm Trooper helmet. Every line showing where the piece has been made by hand, and this has now been given fibre glass coatings for strength. This will be completed with painting in the customer’s choice, and pairing up with the complete body build.

We hope you like our ode to Star Wars,

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

Storm Trooper helmet build, made by Mr.Bespoke, at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Image copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, 2016.

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