What’s behind the battle worn look?

Recently we introduced our viewers to Mr.Bespoke’s new take on Batman TDK. This version was to be battle worn. But what’s behind the battle worn look?

Batman is showing the physical scars from the last fight, the last battle against his arch enemies. Whereas as usually, Batman looks immaculate, and just needs to be dusted down, this time his armour took a beating too.

Mr.Bespoke’s idea was that the armour would protect Batman, and would still not be penetrable, but would show where it has protected him. Scratches into the shiny top layer of the hard armour, where he slid across the concrete to dodge another bullet. Bullet holes, where the bullets should have torn through the skin, but instead met the armour.

He is battle worn, but not lost.

Here we can show the detail that has been hand-painted onto the latex by Mr.Bespoke onto the shoulder pieces. The costume has been designed and co-ordinated, so that the skid marks, scratches and bullet holes, all match up realistically to where someone would fall, lay and skid along the floor.

If you’re interested in ordering your own battle worn armour piece, please get in touch with us, either here, or through our  Facebook page , Twitter or by e-mail to bespokefantasycostumes2016@outlook.com .

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

Shoulder detail for the custom-made Batman TDK battle worn design by Mr.Bespoke. Design and image copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, 2016.

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