Keeping you in the running..

So you find the character you want to be, and it ‘looks’ fairly like who it’s supposed to…

You get the costume home, and find it’s too baggy on your legs, leaving them looking like drain pipes. Then too revealing over ‘other’ areas…

That doesn’t happen with Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. We take your measurements before confirming your order, and before starting production of your bespoke piece. No more baggy or too tight pieces. Costumes that are truer to the real character in likeness, feel and fit. Leaving our clients more confident in their costume choices.

It also means that every piece of your chosen design is as detailed as the next. As you can see here from the thigh pieces of the Storm Trooper build, the same detail has been designed here as there is in the rest of the costume.

Want to see yourself in a bespoke costume this year? Mr.Bespoke still has places left for builds for Halloween and for Christmas 2016.

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

Thigh pieces in progress of the Storm Trooper build. Copyright of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes 2016.

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