‘Why so serious?’

The Joker from Batman is the theme for our latest make-up and special effect looks.

Joker has been a consistent villain within Batman since he was first introduced in Spring 1940 in the Batman comics. With it being October, and Halloween around the corner, it only felt right we had our own attempt at this iconic villain look.

Mr.Bespoke has used Snazaroo face paints to create this look, with the contrasting colours leading to an evil looking finish.

There’s still time to give us your idea for more make-up and special effect looks! If your idea is chosen we will put our own twist on the idea, and display it on this site for you to enjoy.

Here’s some of the edits from The Joker look. Make-up by us, Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, and the photography and edits are by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces . More of the edits can be found here in their blog – ‘Introduce a little anarchy’ link to Rose-Sky Journey Piece’s blog piece with our Joker look.

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.


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