Sneak Peek!

He stepped out, into the black of the night. The horror of the twisted fairground just behind. Everything, almost intact…

Except The Joker’s venomous blood now conjugating with his own. Evil circulating through his veins, as if he can feel his arch enemies’ thoughts pressing to be his own. Batman must find a cure, before he passes out again, leaving him open to further attacks. The night air bites at below zero, something to do with Penguin he’s sure. Looking down, he realises that’s not quite the case, Joker has not only robbed him of his dignity, but of his boots too. His bare, battered feet treading upon the icy concentre of Gotham. Time to get back to the cave and rebuild the boots, and find a way to rid his body of the twisted toxins….

Sneak peek of what Mr.Bespoke is up to this week, onto another pair of Batman boots. The make and photography are by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Pop back soon to see the finished results!

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.

Sneak peak look at the latest pair of Batman boots in progress. Being made by Mr.Bespoke, of Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Photography by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, copyright 2016.

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