These boots are made for walking…

The venomous blood still causing waves of black-outs. But Batman was determined…

Determined to finish his custom-designed boots. After realising that The Joker had taken them during the exchange of his evil blood donation, he knows he can’t work bare-footed. Penguin’s layer is too cold, too many enemies, waiting, lurching, almost wanting to be found. The smell of rubber as he works away, knowing the flexibility that this will bring during combat fights. With great care, he hides the ultrasonic device into the left heel. It will be this hidden extra, that allows protection and cover, as live bats answer the call. The armoured surface matching his suit, it’s almost time to wear the full disguise once again in Gotham….

Mr.Bespoke has carried on working on the boots from yesterday, and these are the results so far. Custom-designed and hand-made! We can make these boots in any size, male, female, or even for children. Why not use our contact page to find out more?

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.


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