3D printing update!

Here at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes we’ve been away from the site for a little while, busy in the depths of 3D printing!

In our earlier blog posts we have mentioned our new 3D printer, and also shown examples of the first prints, as well as a 3D printed gun shape suitable for cos-play. Mr.Bespoke has now 3D printed a BB8 model from Star Wars, as well as Christmas baubles, and hanging star decorations.

Whilst the printing has been under way, he has been busy creating and editing files to be able to 3D print full costumes and accessories for all your favourite film and game characters. The benefits to our clients to using this process is being able to work to precise measurements, with the ability to alter the costumes to any size or shape specifications that you may have. As a costume designer, we can now preview how your costume will look before creation even starts. This means we can help our clients further with the bespoke process, by advising on how any changes will look and affect any build.

This has led to new personalised product lines that will be on offer next year, so watch this space!

Here is the first images of the new BB8 model we’ve been working on. As this is the first attempt, they currently are not painted, just primed. For future models, we will be adjusting the join lines, and they won’t be seen on the final product.

Here is the first image from our new Christmas baubles. We will be offering these as part of a Christmas range for 2017. These can be personalised with any name, and will be delivered gift boxed, ready to hang.

3D printed Christmas bauble. Designed and printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. This is our own design that we have made, printed and constructed ourselves. Product by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Photography by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. 2016.

Recently, we also mentioned new technology coming to help with processing your orders. This now includes a new computer to allow quicker editing and creating of the files needed for 3D printed items.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our progress previews. For any orders or enquiries, please contact Bespoke Fantasy Costumes directly through this website, or by e-mail to bespokefantasycostumes2016@outlook.com .

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes team.



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