2017 off to a flying start!

Here at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes we’ve been really busy since Christmas, and starting the New Year has been no exception!

In December we was 3D printing personalised baubles, Christmas star decorations designed by Mr.Bespoke, a special Santa key, and we also printed our first BB8 model, from Star Wars.

Since then we’ve been busy with 3D printing not one, but now two different Batman masks. Mr.Bespoke has also been 3D printing heart decorations for our recommended business, Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. There’s also a R2D2 model, and now onto 3D printing a whole Batman costume! So far he has got the shoulders and mask printed, with the torso pieces up next, all designed ready to print.

Another play around has been with voice changers for the Batman costumes already designed. We’ve purchased all the technology necessary to make us sound like Batman whilst in the suit, and it really works!

What’s next? Well, we will be continuing to print the fully 3D printed Batman costume from us, and continuing to work on finishing off the other costumes. Any ideas you would like to see designed or printed, costume orders or questions, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details on this website. For orders we always recommend sending an e-mail or contacting this page directly.

We hope your 2017 has had just a busy and exciting start as ours!

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

3D printed Batman mask by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Photographed by Rose-Sky Journey Pieces. January 2017.

Below : The first 3D printed Batman mask by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Below : R2D2 3D printed, constructed and painted by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Below : Second 3D printed Batman mask designed and printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. 3D printed shoulders for the Batman costume, printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

3D printed Batman costume in progress by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes. Showing front and side view of the front of the 3D printed Batman mask, as well as the 3D printed shoulders. Designed and printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes in January 2017. Photography by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, 2017.
3D printed Santa key. Printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, December 2016.



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