Cat woman!

This week’s completed build is a cat woman mask!

This design was modified by ourselves, to include LED lights, electronics and battery pack to make the lights work, an adjustable and easy to remove collar to house the battery pack, as well as a magnetic on / off switch. This means that the LED lights turn on when the second part of the mask is pulled down over the first, and will turn off automatically when raised back up again to sit upon the wearer’s head.

After printing, we have constructed this mask, as well as give it a high shine black finish to bring out the 3D printed details.

This mask can be adjusted within our programming to be made for any sized head, adult or child.

Coming soon – a behind the scenes look at our own 3d printed upgrades, and lithopanes!

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Cat woman mask, design alteration, 3d printing and construction by Bespoke Fantasy Costume, 2017.


2 thoughts on “Cat woman!

  1. awesome, looks like you are bringing 3d printers and electronics into the cosplay world. I also blog about my random projects on my blog site and I am currently playing with stepper motors and bluetooth modules. Maybe we can work together, I am also a designer.

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    1. Hi Pandariot779, thank you for commenting! We are definitely always on the look out for ways to improve the costume production, quality, as well as how much it looks like-for-like to the real characters. Stepper motors and Bluetooth modules sounds very interesting, we will be popping along to your blog site soon to have a look! 🙂


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