Time is flying!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, and the time seems to be flying this month again!

Since our last post, we’ve gained a new 3D program, to help us with printing better quality, and smoother 3D prints for you. We’ve been busy buying and upgrading 3D printer parts again, as well as testing the new calibrations and settings. Below is our latest test piece, the Benchy model –


Benchy collage
Collage of our latest Benchy model testing the latest updates to the 3D printer and designing technology. Printed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, photographed by Bespoke Fantasy Costumes, April 2017.

The pieces for the Batman gauntlet blades have been printed out, as have the start of the parts to the Batman belt. We’ve also been hand stitching in detail for the under armour to compliment the 3D printed hard armour Batman costume design.

We are carrying on with the 3D printed Batman build, and will be sharing update and progress images very soon! Whilst we have got to grips with the latest 3D printing changes, we have been brain storming away and designing more ranges of 3D printed items. These will be revealed at a later date, with many items having the ability to be personalised and customised for you, our clients and followers.

Back soon!

Bespoke Fantasy Costumes.

Images – Bespoke Fantasy Costumes – April 2017.


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